A simple solution for surveying complex environments

Looking for exceptional accuracy while scanning a complex environment? Kyma has the tool for you. With the FARO Focus S 70 scanner you will have the ability to perform detailed 3D scans of both interiors and exteriors with guaranteed accuracy of up to 1 mm over a distance of 70 mt. Contact the team to receive a quote for your scan or to get more information on equipment rentals.

FARO Focus S 70 scanner rental with tripod


A tool to autonomously perform the scans needed to map an object or environment. An operator will support you in choosing the ideal settings for your scan and will be available for telephone assistance throughout your rental.

Scanning alignment sphere rental


The use of alignment spheres is recommended when many different scans are done and need to be aligned in order to extract an overall point cloud.

Examples of use

– Survey of engine room systems on a 42 mt yacht to verify correspondence with what was modeled in 3D.

– Survey of the broadside of a 40 mt yacht for porthole modification.

– Survey of the broadside of a 38 mt yacht for insertion of a private cabin balcony.

– Survey of a hard top for sunroof installation.