The routing of on-board systems is undoubtedly the most complex executive design activity. Kyma is adamant about including piping activities among its specializations, ensuring the possibility of providing shipyards with a complete executive design package.

Design of ship systems

The Outfitting module of CADMATIC software allows for nesting and piping to be developed in the same working environment, eliminating errors and interferences, and optimizing structures. The Model is populated with all outfitting elements to be taken into account during the development of the piping model. The executive documentation produced is fully customizable and pipe sketches of ship systems can be developed upon request.

Virtual and augmented reality for piping

Through E-SHARE, the various elements that make up the vessel are put together, also providing the possibly of visualizing their individual properties. Thus, a digital twin of the complete vessel is created, which can be easily managed through a standard browser. To support the Piping activity, Kyma also makes use of technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality.