Basic engineering

Kyma is active from the very conception of yacht and ship design. The experience gained over the years on units of all types and sizes, daily interactions with the main classification bodies (Lloyd, ABS, RINa), together with the technical background of the team makes Kyma a key partner for the basic engineering of a yacht. Scantling, FEM analysis, P&I diagrams, and feasibility studies are just some of the activities that make Kyma a leader in this field.


Over the years, Kyma has developed a working methodology to accurately manage the sizing and drafting of structural classification plans. The process begins with a quick schematization of the structures, on which the sizing is carried out. The entire 3D model is swiftly developed using NAPA STEEL software, from which two-dimensional classification plans and the preliminary bill of materials are extracted. The model will also be the starting point for all other design phases (piping, outfitting, furniture, etc.). 

P&I diagrams

Thanks to the experience gained over the years of working with some of the best international shipyards, for basic and executive design, Kyma is able to critically develop functional diagrams of on-board systems by evaluating the pros and cons of different design options, while also helping the client make the choices that best suit the specific case.

FEM Analysis

The increasingly unconventional shapes of new yachts and the increasingly stringent demands of classification bodies have imposed the widespread use of FEM analysis. Kyma has a division of highly qualified personnel dedicated to performing local and global FEM calculations, supported by MSC software such as Nastran, Patran, and Apex.