3D Laser Scans

The desire to work in the field of refitting, where “as built” drawings are rarely available, led Kyma to acquiring a 3D scanner with laser technology. This tool makes it possible to derive a point cloud of the scanned object in a relatively short time, facilitating the subsequent planning and execution of the required intervention. In addition to scanning, this tool has also enabled Kyma to provide services such as scanner rentals, reverse engineering, and error control.


Kyma performs scans using the FARO 70 S 3D scanner, which can capture detailed 3D scans of both interiors and exteriors with guaranteed accuracy of up to 1 mm over a distance of 70 mt. These scans allow us to derive a point cloud or, in special cases, a mathematical model that can be used to design the desired modifications or implementations. Kyma technicians evaluate the number and quality of scans needed according to the desired result on a case-by-case basis.

Laser scanner rental

If you wish to carry out your own scans, Kyma offers the possibility of renting the necessary equipment as well as support by phone during the rental period. Upon request, Kyma technicians are available for the processing and alignment of your scans.

Reverse engineering

From point cloud to NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational Basis-Splines) surfaces. Kyma technicians are able to transform simple points in space into a precise three-dimensional model through the use of reverse engineering software. These models can be used to carry out modifications and implementations in cases where the point cloud is not sufficient.

Quality control

In ship and yacht construction, quality increasingly requires dimensional verification between what is designed and what is built. By overlaying the point cloud generated by the scans with the 3D model of the scanned object or environment, it is possible to visualize and measure any discrepancies, allowing the shipyard to assess compliance with construction tolerances and, if necessary, to plan the required corrective actions.