Accuracy, speed, effectiveness, through software and technology.

At Kyma, constantly keeping up to date on new software and technology is essential. Making sure our team of professionals is supported by cutting-edge tools is something we are particularly dedicated to. To operate at the forefront of the nautical and naval fields, Kyma relies on innovative tools including Napa, Cadmatic, Solidworks, Rhinoceros and Hexagon software.

Napa: Ship design with 3D Modeling

Thanks to Napa, Kyma engineers are able to make the fundamental structure of the vessel directly in 3D, simply following the preliminary structural calculations made beforehand. From the resulting model, closely accurate estimates of the ship’s weight and center of gravity, as well as preliminary material procurement lists, can be derived. A baseline for being able to start with the design of systems, fittings, and interior furnishings, even before the Nesting of the first structural blocks is available. An integrated methodology that greatly simplifies the subsequent stages of design

Optimization of time and cost, maximization of results.

Through the use of software such as Cadmatic, the Kyma team is able to simultaneously work on multiple stages of design. The 3D executive structure model is broken down into different processing blocks from the very beginning. In this way each individual designer can carry out the area of development related to their field of expertise.

At the same time, the structures modeled with the Hull module are also used in the Outfitting module, which makes it possible to start studying the positioning of machinery and the implementation of onboard facilities while the structural design phase is still in progress.

Kyma’s integrated approach is supported by highly refined software, which allows the entire team to have a comprehensive and up-to-date view of the project’s progress at all times.


To create the best designs for ships and yachts, the Kyma team relies on the support of numerous technologically advanced software.