3D Modeling

Modern design cannot ignore the use of three-dimensional modeling. Every design issued by Kyma is derived from a 3D model that ensures consistency and functionality. In addition to Rhinoceros, which has always been used by the Kyma team, other software such as Solid-works and Tekla have been integrated into the team’s software suite, allowing them to focus in on specialized tasks.

3D Model Engineering

In Kyma’s work process, the engineered 3D model is the starting point for proceeding with subsequent activities. We begin with the aesthetic 3D model received from the designer and then rework and optimize the surfaces for structural modeling. Then, all functional and outfitting elements that characterize the yacht are studied and integrated, and the structural interfaces are prepared for their installation. Once shared and discussed with the shipyard, this model will be the point of contact between the structural design, system engineering, and outfitting activities.

Movement Systems

This activity deals with the study of the handling systems for doors, balconies and other similar elements, defining the rotation centers, gasket stops, mechanical clashes, and the positioning of the actuation mechanisms. Kyma carries out this activity during the engineering of the 3D model on the basis of what is represented on the general plans and in the presentation renderings. Once completed, the study is sent to the handling supplier, who will develop the executive drawings and build the product.

Aesthetic Modeling

Thanks to countless collaborations with internationally renowned designers, the Kyma team has acquired skills to develop yacht design concepts of all types and sizes, without losing sight of the functional aspects of the vessel that can be correctly evaluated and understood only by those who also develop the executive design. Kyma creates photorealistic renderings, high-quality videos, and makes use of technologies such as virtual and augmented reality for the presentation of its designs.