Naval Outfitting

Naval outfitting allows the ship to be equipped with all the elements and systems that enable it to be safe, functional, and comfortable for both guests and crew. Some of this equipment must comply with international regulations, and will therefore be subject to review and approval by classification societies and flag authorities. Kyma develops both executive outfitting drawings and plans for registries.

Executive outfitting drawings

Each shipyard has its own standards and distinctive elements. Kyma’s strength is establishing an ongoing and lasting relationship with the client.

Being able to build lasting and synergetic relationships with the Shipyard allows us to acquire its standards for the installation of various outfitting elements and to offer ourselves for the development of the executive designs that workers will use to build floating works of art.

Drawing for plan approval

Knowledge of regulations, the ability to interpret them, and noteworthy experience all allow Kyma to create outfitting designs and classification plans for classification societies and flag authorities approval. Battlement plans, glazing plans, and mooring plans are just a few examples of the designs that, if well-conceived, make it possible to create a yacht that is safe in all respects without having to compromise the aesthetics or cost-effectiveness of the project.