Cadmatic chose Kyma

Cadmatic chose Kyma to demonstrate the qualities and potential of its own product: Cadmatic’s eShare HoloLens software.

Kyma has always been projected towards the future and the modernization of its work processes.

The continuous search for the best software solutions and the use of cutting-edge technologies in fact allow a proactive and effective approach to work and customer.

Cadmatic’s eShare HoloLens

Among the technologies that have revolutionized engineering processes there is certainly Cadmatic’s eShare HoloLens software. The synergy between the software and the viewer, in fact, has revolutionized the processes of revision and inspection of the projects, allowing to align the virtual 3D model of the plants with the real structures built on the shipyard.

An MR, i.e. a mixed reality that allows you to physically enter the yacht under construction where the viewer scans the surrounding environment and cuts the 3D model in correspondence with the objects it encounters. This pre-construction phase not only allows you to view structures and machinery as if they were already on board but highlights any differences from the drawings, easily allows changes during construction and optimizes the work by reducing time and costs.

Cadmatic chose Kyma

A recognition of the excellent work done by Kyma comes from Cadmatic itself that wanted a Kyma video to testify to the quality and potential of its product.

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