KYMA with NAPA: Modeling and Innovation

KYMA received NAPA in their offices in Follonica to give interviews, give usage feedback and show how KYMA works with the NAPA Designer software.

Case Study: KYMA

After interviews in Helsinki during the NAPA User Meeting in May 2023, KYMA received NAPA in its offices to give new interviews, give usage feedback and show how KYMA works with the software.


NAPA is the software that KYMA uses to create a preliminary 3D model of structures.

3D modeling with NAPA is fundamental: it assists FEM analysis, block creation, weight and material estimation up to the positioning of the on-board plants.

The backstage of NAPA video footage @KYMA
From left to right: Nicola Serafini, Sergio Allegria, Stefano La Cava, Mattia Godani and Emma Roncaglia in the backstage of NAPA’s video footage at KYMA offices

Software, Care and Attention to Detail

KYMA always looks for high-performance and innovative solutions to carry out every part of the naval design process. For example, today’s material procurement difficulties make preliminary material estimation very useful. The difference between the estimated weight in NAPA and the actual weight of the finished block is about 5%: this proves how much you can go into detail with the modeling of structures.

KYMA’s Video Interview

Here are the links to see the video with the interviews with the protagonists: Sergio Allegria and Nicola Serafini, CEO and founders of KYMA; Stefano La Cava, Head of Structure Department; Mattia Godani, Head of FEM Department and Emma Roncaglia, Basic Structural Designer of KYMA.

Here are the interviews shooted at KYMA’s offices in Follonica.

An excerpt from Helsinki’s interviews during the NAPA User Meeting 2023.

The KYMA case study on NAPA website.

NAPA post and video on Linkedin.