KYMA guest at Napa User Meeting in Helsinki

Kyma guest at the annual NAPA meeting in Helsinki: during the three days of the Napa User Meeting NAPA creators and developers meet their users through workshops, demo sessions and insights on the main hot topics of the moment. Two interviews for the NAPA website are also scheduled for KYMA.

In these days Helsinki is the theatre of the annual meeting of NAPA, division of the Finnish society Westeam and producer of the more diffused solution software for the planning and the structural calculation of the ships.

Napa: history and evolution

Born as a simple cargo calculator, today after 30 years of experience the NAPA software has become an increasingly comprehensive tool for evaluating the constructive and operational characteristics of the ship, with functions ranging from 3D modeling to the calculation of naval architectural standards, from hydrostatic calculations to the packaging of reports and design functions, up to communication and feedback with other design systems.

The Napa User Meeting 2023

During the three days of the Napa User Meeting, NAPA creators and developers meet their users through workshops, demo sessions and insights into the hot topics of the moment.

Among the main topics of the 2023 edition will be: decarbonisation through the use of alternative fuels, the most efficient ship design process and the approval based on 3D models.

Interview with Kyma

Kyma is attend at this important event and, as a valued customer, will hold two interviews, a customer case interview and a video interview for the NAPA website to give valuable user feedback, share its own experience working with the software and talk about some of the ongoing projects.

Kyma: commitment and performance

Kyma’s commitment to finding performance solutions for every part of the design process, ensuring safe, efficient and competitive ships to meet both the challenges of modern naval design and the demands of its customers gets a new and solid confirmation, recognized, once again, by one of the world’s biggest software for naval design.

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